AFS CAMP IN NAN,THAILAND {A beautiful province people don’t know}

After 2 months living in Thailand,the AFS student exchange have a camp together to share our experiences during the time,talk about our problems during adapting with our hostfamily,friends,and society,as well as know more about Thailand’s culture. For this camp,we’re not altogether but we’re separated by areas. Because I’m living in the northern part of Thailand,I had […]

Daily Life: Thai Student.

Of course I’m being here to study,just like usual Thai students. I realized that actually there are many differences between Indonesian schools and Thai schools. I found it’s very interesting to study in Thai schools as I’ve been here for 7 months. I come to school from Monday until Friday,and go home depends on the […]


After a month facing a new life and trying hard to adapt well,finally I could take a rest for a while at another beautiful province of Thailand,Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is another province with the touch of northern feelings – of course – and it’s about 3-4 hours from Chiang Rai. I went with my […]

New life.

First weeks were going so well,everybody welcomed me warmly. On my first day in Chiang Rai my hostfamily even held a BBQ party for my coming,it was really fun. The next day was a big day of Moslem so my hostfamily took me to their work-partner who’s a moslem too so I could celebrate with […]

Starting a Journey.

Almost a year had passed,I finally got the last decision for my departure,going for an exchange program to Thailand. I always wondered when I would leave my comfort zone,as my life had always been “that” way-the same people,the same neighborhood,the same habits. I thought I must had been dreaming,all was felt so fast to go […]


It was the beginning of my senior high school when I was thinking about future plans. Mom and I decided to prepare for scholarship programs overseas for my undergraduate program and such. But she found out an exchange program with half and full scholarship for the first grader of senior high school. She told me […]

Bina Antarbudaya ( AFS – YES )

Apa sih Bina Antarbudaya itu? Bina Antarbudaya adalah suatu lembaga yang bersifat non-pemerintah dan nirlaba yang memberikan jalan bagi siswa/i kelas 10 SMA untuk berkesempatan bersekolah di luar negeri dan tinggal bersama keluarga juga bertukar budaya antar negara. Tidak hanya mengirimkan siswa Indonesia untuk mengenalkan budaya dan mengemban kedamaian antar negara,Bina Antarbudaya juga menerima para […]